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Why choose Specialty?

Attention to Detail

We enjoy restoring healthy, clean atmospheres to our customers' homes. Our air duct cleaning services are comprehensive. We pay attention to the details.


You can trust our team to handle your entire home's air duct system. We will be on time and will complete every job efficiently.

Competitive Pricing

We offer a flat rate cleaning service with no hidden fees. Residential services include single family homes, condominiums, and town homes.

Free Estimate

Give us a call at (404) 867-4329 or fill out a quick form for a free estimate. Just click the icon above!

Is Cleaning Really Necessary?

Neglecting regular air duct cleaning can cause a variety of problems for you and your household including health problems, dirty rooms and high energy bills.


When dust and pollutants build up in the air duct system, it filters into the home and builds up on surfaces. 50% of all illnesses are either caused or aggravated by polluted indoor air according to the American College of Allergists.


According to FEMA, from 2008 to 2010, there were approximately 8,700 clothes dryer fires in residential buildings in the US, the result - 15 deaths, 300 injuries, and $105 million in property loss! The leading factor contributing to ignition was failure to clean.

Save Money

The build-up of dirt and debris prevents the air from flowing freely throughout the ventilation system. That means it works harder and costs more to operate. Over time, the problem only gets worse.

Protect Your Investment

Better air quality keeps heating and air conditioning components from corrosion, microbials, dirt and debris. A clean system will retain its value far longer.


About Specialty

Specialty is an air duct and dryer vent cleaning company ONLY! We are not carpet cleaners or HVAC technicians that will try to sell you duct cleaning as an add on. We clean duct work, and that's all we do. It's our 'Specialty!'

We offer a safe cleaning solution for metal and flex duct, using negative pressure and forced air to prevent any damage to your existing equipment.

Specialty is a small, local business that believes in supporting community. We will always return phone calls promptly and will partner with you to make sure your home's air quality is at its best.